Technical details:
max. loading capacity: 125 kg
axle width: approx. 475 mm
footplate (l x w) approx. 430 x 280 mm
height approx. 1100 mm
weight: approx. 12 kg
vertical oval tubes made of high-strength aluminium alloy
continuous row of holes for suspending wire baskets
foldable beams made of shock-resistent aluminium die
casting (protected by sliding sleeves made of aluminium tube)
high-strength polyamide support and safety skids
foldable aluminium tubular footplate, made of
shock-resistant aluminium profiles
upper cross-bar curved, also available in
straight version
height when folded: 710 mm
lower and middle plastic cross-bars straight for particularly safe
transport of mail — also available in curved version (bag format)
three vertical braces at the bottom for transporting
even smaller parcels and letters safely
wheel guards and footplate made of particularly
shock-resistant diecast aluminium
secure the footplate in standing position when loaded
serial running gear:
Soft-Touch tyres, Ø 200 mm with precision ball bearings
water- and dustproof precision ball bearings