Technical details:
loading space (shelf inner dimensions): approx. 1205 x 625 mm
max. loading capacity (base): 300 kg
max. loading capacity per shelf: 100 kg
max. loading capacity: 500 kg
equipped with two shelves and a galvanized steel base
a welded steel frame construction equipped with integrated
safety runners for a secure fork lift loading
SAFE version (closed on top and three sides) with aluminum
roller shutters one side (including lock)
central locking device with foot-operated lever
ergonomically designed pulling handle with integrated handbrake
made of shock absorbing synthetic material
serial running gear:
2 swivel castors with integrated central locking system
and 2 fixed castors Ø 160 mm
with two-fold ball bearings in the live ring and in the hub
non-marking elastic solid rubber tyres